Post-Purchase Homeownership

Post-Purchase Homeownership

Course Fee:  $99

You’ve bought your home, now what? CHES, Inc.’s post-purchase course is designed to help you understand what happens after you move into your home. Learn about financial planning for your new home’s expenses, expected maintenance costs, tax benefits and when and who to contact if financial hardship happens unexpectedly. Your first home is a life-changing event, so take the right steps to make it an easy transition from renting to owning for life. If sustainable homeownership is your goal, CHES, Inc. will help get you there.

Course Curriculum:

  • Prepares new homeowners for long-term responsibilities
  • Reinforces the importance of budgeting and saving
  • Offers tips for community involvement
  • Provides the steps needed during financial hardship

Certifications & Experience

CHES, Inc. Advisers are NeighborWorks Certified in Foreclosure Prevention, Financial & Credit Management, Education & Counseling, HUD Approved Homebuyer & Homeownership Education (including Pre & Post Purchase). Additionally, each Adviser has a background in real estate, responsible lending, and business & financial management.

Commitment to Excellence

CHES, Inc. is HUD Certified, and an adopter of The National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education & Counseling and The National Loan Modification Scam Alert Campaign. Each CHES, Inc. Adviser is committed to the National Industry Code of Ethics and Conduct for Homeownership Professionals. We are committed to providing excellence and measurable results to those we serve.