Welcome to CHES, Inc. Partners!

At CHES, Inc., we believe in the power of collaboration. Our impactful work in financial education, homebuyer assistance, and community outreach is made possible through the valued partnerships we’ve cultivated. Together with our esteemed partners, we are building stronger communities, fostering financial well-being, and transforming dreams of homeownership into reality.

Why Partner with CHES, Inc.?

  • Community Impact: By joining forces with CHES, Inc., you become an integral part of initiatives that directly contribute to the well-being of individuals and families. Together, we make a lasting impact on community development.
  • Expertise: Benefit from our team of certified professionals and experts in the fields of financial education and homebuyer assistance. Partnering with us means tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Shared Mission: Our partners share our commitment to empowering individuals, combating foreclosure, alleviating poverty, and addressing homelessness. Together, we work towards creating positive change on a broader scale.
  • Visibility: As a CHES, Inc. partner, your organization gains visibility through our collaborative efforts. We actively promote and acknowledge our partners, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that extends beyond individual projects.

How to Partner with CHES, Inc.?

Whether you represent a business, nonprofit organization, or community group, partnering with CHES, Inc. is a straightforward process. Contact us today to discuss potential collaborations, sponsorship opportunities, or joint initiatives. Together, let’s create a future where financial empowerment and homeownership are accessible to all.

Thank you to our existing partners for their ongoing support. We look forward to welcoming new collaborators who share our vision for a brighter, more financially secure future.

Certifications & Experience

CHES, Inc. Advisers are NeighborWorks Certified in Foreclosure Prevention, Financial & Credit Management, Education & Counseling, HUD Approved Homebuyer & Homeownership Education (including Pre & Post Purchase). Additionally, each Adviser has a background in real estate, responsible lending, and business & financial management.

Commitment to Excellence

CHES, Inc. is HUD Certified, and an adopter of The National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education & Counseling and The National Loan Modification Scam Alert Campaign. Each CHES, Inc. Adviser is committed to the National Industry Code of Ethics and Conduct for Homeownership Professionals. We are committed to providing excellence and measurable results to those we serve.