Mortgage & Rent Assistance

Mortgage & Rent Assistance

If you are in need of mortgage or rent assistance, let us help you navigate the process. After all, your home is your largest single investment, so, when events happen that threaten your investment you need experienced, HUD certified loss mitigation / foreclosure prevention specialists on your side.

Since 2008 our HUD certified counselors have successfully negotiated hundreds of mortgage resolutions. Plus, we can help you stay on track once your mortgage is modified.

Remember, no organization can guarantee your loan will be modified, if you are denied, CHES, Inc. will be here to provide guidance and assist with all options available to you.

Recent studies indicate a 67% greater rate of success in receiving mortgage assistance when utilizing an experienced, HUD approved nonprofit agency like CHES, Inc., and borrowers are less likely to re-default after modification.

Our Mortgage and Rent Assistance Services Are Free and Confidential.

Our HUD Certified Counselors Assist With:

  • CARES Act / COVID-19 Mortgage and Rent Assistance
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Forbearance Programs
  • FHA and FHFA Mortgage Relief Programs
  • Programs for Unemployed
  • FHA, Conventional, Fixed Rate, ARM and Hybrid Loan Modifications
  • Short Sales
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Request Mortgage or Rent Assistance

Once you submit an Assistance Request form, one of our HUD Certified Counselors will contact you to complete and submit your assistance request. You will also be provided with a secure login to our client portal where you can securely communicate with your counselor, upload documents and track your file’s progress.

We are available via phone, online, or email throughout the entire process.

If you need assistance getting started, or have additional questions, please contact us at 816-533-7417 or use our inquiry form.

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UPDATE: Federal regulators have made it clear that if you receive a forbearance under the CARES Act, your mortgage servicer cannot require you to repay your skipped payments in a lump sum once the forbearance period ends. Also, wait times for most call centers have eased, we encourage you to contact your servicer to learn more.


No, no organization can guarantee you will receive a modification. If anyone guarantees modified loan terms, you should contact your State Attorney General’s office right away.

If you have been the victim of a Loan Modification Scam, you should report the details to your State Attorney General. If you need assistance, visit

Credit & Homeownership Empowerment Services, Inc. has joined with the Loan Modification Scam Alert Campaign to help fight loan modification scams in our community.

No, you should continue to make payment(s) directly to your lender, do not make payments to any third party unless you have been instructed to do so, in writing, by your lender.

Yes, it is very important that you remain in direct contact with your lender throughout the modification process. Be wary of any company that encourages you otherwise. We are here to assist and guide you through this process; we will help facilitate the entire process with you and your lender.

We understand how stressful it can be to juggle finances; between house payments, auto loans, insurance, medical, utilities and everyday expenses it’s difficult enough, but when you add a reduction or loss of income, increased expenses or an escalating home loan it becomes almost impossible.

Lenders want to see that you have a workable plan for staying on track. CHES Inc.’s Financial Fitness Program assists you with long term solutions. Our Advisers have had great success in helping families save their home, however, it’s important to keep in mind not every home is affordable, it’s a difficult reality, but we will guide you through the process and explain your options no matter the outcome. After-all, our goal is your long term success.

Studies have shown that following a comprehensive program such as the one offered by CHES Inc. provides a 60% greater chance of receiving a modification, and an even greater chance of maintaining one. Remember, no one can guarantee results, but by utilizing the right tools you can greatly increase your chance of success.

No, CHES, Inc. is not a law firm, we are a HUD Certified, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit organization. Our staff consists of trained, experienced advisers Certified in Loss Mitigation and Foreclosure Prevention by NeighborWorks America. We have negotiated numerous successful modifications for clients, including those in foreclosure. CHES, Inc. will never discourage you from consulting with an attorney.

While we can’t advise you about communicating with any law firm, keep in mind the law firm facilitating the foreclosure sale represents your lender, not you. If you have questions regarding your rights, you should consult with an attorney who will represent you.

No, contrary to what you might believe, Lender / Investors are not required to participate in any program, or to even consider your request for modification. Therefore, it is important to utilize the services of an experienced intermediary like CHES, Inc., while we cannot guarantee you will receive a loan modification, we can help to increase your chance of success.

Not necessarily, while chances for success are much better when you provide us as much notice as possible, we will attempt to get your sale date postponed so that your modification request can be considered by your Lender / Investor. Keep in mind, once a foreclosure sale date is scheduled, it can be difficult to postpone. Please contact us before it gets to this point so that we may increase your chance of success.

Certifications & Experience

CHES, Inc. Advisers are NeighborWorks Certified in Foreclosure Prevention, Financial & Credit Management, Education & Counseling, HUD Approved Homebuyer & Homeownership Education (including Pre & Post Purchase). Additionally, each Adviser has a background in real estate, responsible lending, and business & financial management.

Commitment to Excellence

CHES, Inc. is HUD Certified, and an adopter of The National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education & Counseling and The National Loan Modification Scam Alert Campaign. Each CHES, Inc. Adviser is committed to the National Industry Code of Ethics and Conduct for Homeownership Professionals. We are committed to providing excellence and measurable results to those we serve.